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Lab News

Feb 2024               Lab presents posters at 2024 Bugher Foundation Collaborative Symposium at the International Stroke Conference (ISC) in Phoenix, AZ 

Dec 2023               New RA Ishaan joins the lab. Welcome!



Nov 2023               Rohit and Ben's study on sleep oscillations acutely post-stroke in human stroke patients is published in Frontiers in Neurology!



Nov 2023               Lab presents three posters at SfN annual meeting in Washington, DC!



Nov 2023               Rohit receives UCLA Brain Research Institute (BRI) travel award to present his work at Society for Neuroscience (SfN) annual meeting in Washington, DC!


Jul 2023               New UCLA student interns join the lab - Alvin and Jared. Welcome!



Apr 2023                Tanuj receives NINDS R01!



Feb 2023                Aamir is selected as a finalist for Cedars-Sinai Bohdan (Danny) Malaniak Awards for                  Excellence in Postdoctoral Research and presents his research. Read Cedars–Sinai news story here.   



Feb 2023                Motor skill learning paper is published. Read Cedars–Sinai news story here.   



Jan 2023                  Rohit receives AHA predoctoral fellowship. Congrats!



 Nov 2022                Lab presents three posters at SFN 2022, San Diego, CA



Aug 2022              New RA Daniel joins the lab. Welcome!



Mar 2022              Aamir presents his results on emergent cortico-cerebellar neural dynamics with                                             neuroprosthetic learning at COSYNE 2022 in Lisbon, Portugal. 




Jan 2022               Aamir receives AHA postdoctoral fellowship! Congrats Aamir!


Oct 2021               New PhD student Rohit from UCLA Bioengineering Graduate Program joins the lab. Welcome!




June 2021               Tanuj receives AHA's career development award!




May 2021                Our first paper exploring the effects of cerebellar stimulation on the neocortex is published. Link here.



























Feb 2021                Tanuj receives an NSF CAREER award! Read Cedars-Sinai news story here

Jan 2021                Aamir, Pierson and Nathan present posters at virtual SfN Global Connectome on cortico-cerebellar adapations associated with neuroprosthetic learning, reach learning, and cerebellar stimulation.













Dec 2020                Aamir receives the inaugural Center for Neural Science and Medicine (CNSM) Postdoctoral fellowship!

Sept 2020                New UCLA students interns join the lab - Ramneet & Philip. Welcome!

Jul 2020                   Pierson (new postdoc) joins the lab. Welcome Pierson!



Nov 2019                  Aamir (new postdoc) joins the lab. Welcome Aamir!



Oct 2019                  We present our first data poster at Society for Neuroscience annual meeting in Chicago!

Jul 2019                  Nathan (new RA) joins the lab. Welcome Nathan!


Mar 2019                  Lab records its first spikes!!






























Jan 2019                   Lab onboards its first personnel: Jennifer (PhD rotation student) and                                                                UCLA undergrads: Shakthi and Saahil. Welcome all!



Dec 2018                    Lab receives R00 notice of award from NIH!


Sep 2018                     Lab opens for business at Cedars-Sinai!




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