Lab News

Jul 2020                   Pierson (new postdoc) joins the lab. Welcome Pierson!



Nov 2019                  Aamir (new postdoc) joins the lab. Welcome Aamir!



Oct 2019                  We present our first data poster at Society for Neuroscience annual meeting in Chicago!

Jul 2019                  Nathan (new RA) joins the lab. Welcome Nathan!


Mar 2019                  We record our first spikes!!
























Jan 2019                   We onboard our first personnel: Jennifer (PhD rotation student), Phillip (RA) and                                              UCLA undergrads: Shakthi and Saahil. Welcome all!!



Dec 2018                    Lab receives R00 notice of award from NIH!


Sep 2018                     Lab opens for business at Cedars-Sinai!