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Training at Cedars-Sinai | Facts & Figures

Statement on Diversity, Equity & Inclusion


Our group is committed to promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion in our team, and at Cedars-Sinai more broadly, and within our research communities.


  • Diversity - We recognize that diversity, in all its shapes and forms, strengthens us both culturally and intellectually.

  • Equity - We will fight for equal treatment of all people, regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, or any other attributes that do not define a person's academic and research potential.

  • Inclusion - We will work to create an inclusive working environment, so that everyone feels their voices are heard and their contributions are recognized.

Guidance on joining the lab


- Graduate Students are accepted through Cedars-Sinai's PhD Program in Biomedical Sciences and UCLA's PhD Program in Bioengineering.

Students through CSMC: If you are admitted to the CSMC graduate program, contact Tanuj if you are interested in a rotation in the lab. The goal of the rotation would be to identify what research direction excites you the most and a question that you can pursue passionately, if you find the lab a right fit for you.

Students through UCLA: If you are interested in the UCLA BME graduate program, our lab can only accept matched-PhD students from this program. These students join the lab right from the first year into the program, and start thesis research. Since the option of rotation does not exist for trainees coming from the UCLA graduate program, we prefer to commit to students with advanced research experience in a closely related discipline, and whose research interests are already aligned with general research directions of the lab. We also prefer to determine a project with matched UCLA PhD students early on. UCLA matched PhD students hold a Visiting Graduate Student title at CSMC for the full duration of their graduate studies.


In general, graduate students are expected to be driven and curious about research directions being pursued in the lab. Graduate students will also participate in mentoring undergraduate interns, work with the research team and learn from postdocs and the PI. 


- Research Associates: Our RAs are typically involved in animal surgeries, behavioral training, electrophysiologic recordings and histology. Therefore, for RA positions candidates with interests in animal behavior, electrophysiology and histology are considered. RAs are also involved in administrative work such as ordering lab supplies, and they serve as lab's liaison with the comparative medicine unit at Cedars-Sinai (that oversees animal ordering and husbandry). If you have recently graduated or if you are an undergraduate senior year student of neuroscience / bioengineering (or a related discipline) who has an interest in intensive research experience prior to medical/ graduate school, this position might be apt for you.  Check back this space to see if we have a job opening at the RA level. ***We are currently actively looking for a Research Associate I. If you consider yourself a good fit for this role, please apply here***

- Research Interns are on-boarded through Cedars-Sinai's Research Internship Program.  Undergraduates/ medical students can do an Internship for academic credit/ paid internship (check with Tanuj if a paid internship is available). In the past, we have hosted Research Interns from UCLA Neuroscience, Bioengineering, Psychobiology and Biomedical Systems undergraduate programs and medical students from Western University of Health Sciences. Research Interns will typically work on a project under the supervision of the postdoc/ graduate student. 


- Medical Residents/ Fellows:  Please contact Tanuj if you are clinical trainee at Cedars-Sinai interested in doing research. 

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