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Motor Systems Neuroscience

and Neural Engineering Lab


We are a systems neuroscience laboratory interested in understanding the motor basis of behavior. Motor acts are the ultimate way that we act in the world and express our cognitive/ perceptual/ reflexive neural processes’ outcomes. Our research goals are to understand how the brain generates movement and learns new motor skills, and how can these processes be restored after a motor injury such as brain stroke. We are investigating novel neuroengineering strategies for repair and functional recovery after neurologic injury (stroke/ SCI) that utilize development of spinal/ cortical motor prostheses, brain machine interfaces (BMIs) and neurorobotics.


Principal Investigator:                                         

Tanuj Gulati, PhD (Cedars Bio | UCLA Profile)

Cedars-Sinai / UCLA



Center for Neural Science and Medicine

Department of Biomedical Sciences

Department of Neurology

Cedars-Sinai PhD Program in Biomedical Sciences


David Geffen School of Medicine, UCLA

Bioengineering, Samueli School of Engineering, UCLA

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